Serious Problems with WWD’s Automated Meters

Last week it was announced that due to numerous house fires, all “smart” meters made by Sensus – which is Woodinville Water District’s newfangled meter manufacturer – are to be removed throughout the province of Saskatchewan, Canada.  All 105,000 of the faulty devices, which are not UL-tested.  You can guess who is going to pick up the $50M bill.  (And Portland also just announced the removal of 70,000 “smart” meters.)

Reams of evidence are now surfacing that hourly usage data from all wireless meters can be intercepted or hacked by anyone, including those who’d like to see when you’re home or tamper with your meter.

And the WWD is misleading customers by telling them emissions from the automated meters are “weaker than a cell phone.”  This is a bold-faced lie.  Like utility customers are doing elsewhere, we tested WWD’s 2-watt Sensus meters to emit 590,000 times more electromagnetic radiation than WWD is telling the people of Woodinville.  The meters pulse once per hour.  But they admitted they take the average output over time, to get this false data.  Using this type of skewed calculation, a bullet fired from a gun is not strong enough to crush an ant.  The truth is that from 4 feet away the emissions are 142 times higher than science-based safety thresholds, and 1,000 to 10,000 times stronger than a cell phone.  But WWD has blatantly refused to inform their customers of this because they know people will object.

Now, WWD is attempting to force these on everyone.  But they have not asked your consent.  By using Notices and legal loopholes of “implied consent”, they are attempting to legally bind you into agreement with what they are doing.  They are committing fraud and appear to be seeing the harm this system will cause as a “necessary byproduct” of what they want to do.  There is a reason why over 50 local governments in California have made official statements against, or even criminalized “smart” meters.

But you have rights.  As one option, you can sent a “conditional acceptance” letter.   Please keep checking this site as a template will be uploaded soon.  In the meantime, call the WWD and tell them you do NOT want an automated meter installed on or near your property: 425.487.4100.


Coming Soon – Letter of Non-Consent to Woodinville Water District for Unsafe AMR Project

Please keep checking back – we’ll soon have a form letter for you to send to the Woodinville Water District telling them you do not consent to them installing an automated water meter.  The new meters have billing, health, privacy and safety concerns while our current analog meters function just fine and provide local jobs for meter readers!

WWD Not Disclosing Full Information About Radiation from New Automated Meters

My name is Aurora (this is my full legal name) and I live in the Woodinville Water District (WWD). I am a certified Purna Yoga™ teacher and a teacher of Heartfull Meditation™ at Alive and Shine Center in Bellevue.

After I watched the movie, “Take Back Your Power” about the deployment of “smart meters” all around the world and the extensive health, privacy and billing issues involved, I saw that the Woodinville Water District is planning on installing “Automated Meter Readers,” which are “radios” that would attach to the existing meters.

I called and told WWD I had concerns and Debbie Rannfeldt, the Public Information Coordinator at WWD told me the output of the radios will be less than a cell phone, and far less than an average utility smart meter.

When Josh del Sol (the filmmaker of “Take Back Your Power,” who lives in Woodinville) and I went and tested the radio with the permission off WWD under their observation, we found out that what she told me couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sensus, the manufacturer of the Automated Meter Readers (AMRs), told WWD that the radios pulse at .0000000038 to .0000000427 uW/cm2 but we tested the one they provided at 145. 1 is the level at which the German organization, Baubiologie, states there is cause for extreme concern regarding health.  The WWD radios are 145 times greater than this level, over a thousand times stronger than a three bar AT&T cell phone, and 7 times stronger than a standard Itron “smart meter.”

When we presented this information to the WWD commissioners, we told them they were providing misleading info to the public because the the pulses are averaged over 30 minutes, which is how Sensus gets away with providing the misleading numbers they gave WWD.  The radios will pulse once per hour 24 hours/day.  To average the strength is like saying, “I’m going to punch you in the arm once per hour every hour, but we’ll average out the pressure over a half an hour, so you’ll barely feel anything.”

Even though they claim to have researched this project for years, the WWD and the WWD commissioners weren’t even aware of this misleading measurement and it took them weeks to get a confirmation from the manufacturer, Sensus, that the readings were in fact averaged over 30 minutes.

They finally did get a confirmation and acknowledged this.  I asked a WWD customer service agent I had spoken to in the past to inform another gentleman customer who had called with his own concerns about the AMR project (due to brain issues) about the true radiation levels of the AMR meters. I asked her to tell this gentleman that the information she had provided him was incorrect (she told me she had told him the pulses are less than a cell phone), but she declined, writing in an email, “The gentleman that had the concern has a different circumstance.  He is not in a neighborhood and he has a very long driveway.  His meter is nowhere near him and he was fine with the outcome.”

I emailed back, writing, “I understand the gentleman had a long driveway, but I believe he has a right to accurate information.  When he was fine with the outcome, it was under an incorrect understanding about the strength of the radios.  Would you kindly reconsider?”

At that point, the WWD representative stopped communicating with me by email on this topic, which is proof that the WWD was unwilling to share true information with their customers.

The WWD says that it’s legal to provide this kind of misleading info (averaging the pulse over a half an hour) because the FCC allows it.  Sadly, the FCC is headed by a former leading wireless industry lobbyist and their regulations are not science-based.  These meters should fall under the EPA’s jurisdiction, but they do not.

I received a letter from the commissioners saying they still plan to go forward with the project despite the info we provided them about health and privacy concerns.  They claim to have researched it over the past six years.  Their research was clearly very superficial since they didn’t even know themselves that the pulses are averaged over 30 minutes.

Currently, the commissioners are considering an opt-out, which they may decide at the next commissioner’s meeting on July 15. If they decide to create an opt-out option, there should be no charge for it.

Please call or write the WWD and tell them you do not consent to an automated meter being installed on your water meter.  They need to hear from their customers that we don’t want the automated meters as our current analog meters function perfectly well.

Call them at (425) 487-4100

Write them at:

Woodinville Water District

17238 NE Woodinville-Duvall Road, Woodinville,  WA  98072

Let’s keep Woodinville safe together!


Background Info on Radio Frequency Radiation

Biological effects of rf radiation at low intensity exposure:

The whole wireless industry is being called out for health concerns (lots of new studies about brain cancer developing from cell phone use).  Cell phone companies are now having trouble getting insurance due to insurance company concerns about liability from the health effects of cell phone use (according to Swiss Re, a leading global insurer):

Insurance objections:

Cell phones have been around for a while so they are now being revealed to be risky with long-term use.  It’s only a matter of time before the larger population realizes the same thing about automated meters.

We want to keep Woodinville safe by avoiding the automated meters the Woodinville Water District is wanting to install as they emit substantial levels of radio frequency radiation.  The analog meters we have now function just fine.

Water meters have been removed in Ireland


IRISH WATER CONTRACTORS have been removing some metering equipment from the pavement in the Ashbrook Heights area of Cork, where protests have been taking place since last month.

Local campaigners said Irish Water contractors had agreed to remove the equipment, which had only been partially installed, and had told residents they would not return to the area for the foreseeable future.

TV3 reporter Paul Byrne tweeted these photos of work being carried out on the pavement.

[By permission]

Irish Water also confirmed that work had been taking place in the area this morning. A spokesperson said that some metering equipment was removed in the course of that work, which was being undertaken to improve temporary pavement repairs carried out in the estate following the initial protests.

The spokesperson said that while he didn’t have details on any longer-term deal between contractors and locals, it was possible workers had agreed to halt work in the area on the basis of health and safety.

Irish Water later sent this statement, detailing the nature of the equipment being removed…

In the Ashbrook Estate in Cork, Irish Water is today performing permanent reinstatement works to pathways and surrounding areas, as planned.There are six boundary installations impacted.Five meters in new boundary boxes have been removed temporarily for inspection and will be re-installed in due course as part of the completion of works in the estate.No meter (boundary) boxes have been removed.Residents were informed that Irish Water was doing this.

Protester John O’Donovan, who was hospitalised in the course of an incident at the estate two weeks ago, described this morning’s events as “a win for the campaign and its a win for the residents”.

He said that the metering equipment only been partially installed, and later covered up by workers after protesters prevented them from finishing the job.

“We wouldn’t allow them to finish, so they put backfill in to make them secure,” O’Donovan said.

They have remained like that until this morning.

O’Donovan said the contractors had agreed to leave the estate for the time-being, adding that he expected them to return at some stage in the future.

“This is a loss for Government and a win for the people of Ireland,” O’Donovan said.

Irish Water said they would get back in touch with more details on the situation, once they became available.